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Grantmasters’ success rate is consistently four times the national average. Since 2002, we have written successfully funded grant applications resulting in over $36 million in awards.

The staff at Grantmasters has the practical experience that other grant writers lack. We are Chiefs, line officers, firefighters, and administrative officers with over 90 years combined experience. We have initiated, funded, and managed projects leading to purchases of apparatus, PPE, firefighting equipment, and facilities modifications. In addition to experiences in our own fire stations, we have helped Grantmasters’ customers complete their grant awarded projects from specifications and bidding to final closeout paperwork. These ongoing projects and experiences allow us to see the “big picture” when it comes to funding grant projects.

We are a small group concentrating on service, follow through and ultimately grant funded projects for a select number of fire departments. We are not the biggest or the cheapest but we can assure you that you will receive top quality service, individual attention and ownership in your application beginning with our initial meeting all the way to funding. If you choose, Grantmasters also provides grant closeout service.

Well thought out and properly communicated projects that meet funding priorities get awards. Funding priorities change every year. Matching your needs with current funding priorities is what enables our repeated success. All of our projects start with a needs assessment and project development. Tell us what you need, why you don’t have it, and what circumstances have prevented you from fulfilling these needs and then we go to work.