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Andrew Doyle, President, Rapids Fire Company

We work with Grantmasters because of their proven track record with our department and how easy it is. Michael asks me what I need, tells me what we can get and we go from there. I don’t have stress or headaches, I answer the questions he provides and it is done. If we have problems or questions they are always addressed quickly. Our department has been working with Grantmasters for over 10 years because I don’t have to worry about if it’s right or wrong I know it will be done right.

Scott Zink, Fire Chief, Town of Olean

Michael and the team at Grantmasters always seem to have the answer to my questions. If they don’t know they tell me so, do a little research and they are back to me with the correct answer. Their knowledge of the programs and funding priorities makes project development very easy for our department. Whenever FEMA calls looking for data, reports or other issues, Grantmasters is a telephone call away to help me understand what it is FEMA is really looking for and how to give them what they need. They always keep us up to date with program changes, deadlines and future opportunities. With back to back awards in 2014 and 2015 there was no doubt in our minds who was going to be writing our 2016 AFG application!

Anthony Ferone, Chief, Community Fire – Rescue

I was referred to your company while visiting a neighboring department who had received grant funding. When asked about their success they didn’t hesitate to recommend Grantmasters. On their recommendation, we started using your services, since then our department has been very successful in funding for 2 of our 3 applications and our 4th is currently under review. These awards totaling
over $164,000, enabled us to purchase all new MSA G-1 SCBAs and fire gear for our entire department. The staff at Grantmasters is always available by phone or email and assures the greatest detail while preparing our grant applications.

Dan Leven, Past Chief, Upper Mountain Fire Company

In the last 10 years we have submitted 9 applications and received 5 awards. This is because of the hard work from the crew at Grantmasters. Their hard work and knowledge of the fire service has paid off big for us in getting us over $325,000 worth of equipment. We have been able to upgrade and replace our SCBAs, our cardiac monitors for our ALS ambulances and acquire our very first ever set of hydraulic rescue tools. Working with Grantmasters has always been easy to do and they definitely help keep us on track with deadlines. Their staff’s knowledge of funding priorities and their well written narratives have helped us stay ahead of the curve in the grant world. I wouldn’t trust my company’s
grant application to anyone else.

Kelly Karst, Chief, Hinsdale Volunteer Fire Department

Six awards for eight applications for my department is some of the best results anyone in our region is getting. Grantmasters gives you the entire start to finish service, they help with project development, quantity and cost assessments and ask the right questions to make sure no stone is left unturned. They will tell you the truth, they won’t try to sugar coat a bad project just to take your money and they will spend the time required to make your application the best it can be. This level of service makes it easy to recommend the Grantmasters team to other districts and to our regional radio committee, who have used Grantmasters and have also received awards.

Brent L. Christopherson, Assistant Fire Chief Missoula Rural Fire District

I first met Michael at Fire Rescue International in the vendor area and was able to learn a great deal about what his company, Grantmasters, has to offer. After a short conversation, I knew this is someone we would like to do business with and it has been so very productive ever since! Michael has the uncanny ability to convey important information through sound, easy to understand, writings. This assists the grant reviewers so that they can identify the key points in the different sections of the grant easily.

Grantmasters is always on top of the ever changing, new, and up and coming grant rules that can be critical in whether a grant would be successful or not. He then conveys those latest revelations to his clients. I would highly recommend Grantmasters to those in the emergency services and believe that you will be most impressed with Michael’s hard work and dedication to your project.

Past Chief Michael Torrie, Lewiston Fire Company

Michael (The Grantmaster) has been able to get us the equipment we need. He understands the grant process and knows what it takes to win us over $1,000,000 in grant awards.

Chief Toby Tyler, Pepperell Fire Department

It’s easy to discuss my needs with a firefighter, someone who understands the job, and the tools. Michael’s always available, nights and weekends are never an issue. When FEMA tried to reduce our 2008 award by $38,973 he was there for us, I supplied the information and he did the rest. The Grantmaster successfully fought to get our funding reinstated to $69,762. He has been our department’s grant consultant since 2008.

Chief Steve “Frenchy” Hillman, Ransomville Fire Department

With other grant writers, our applications were denied four times in a row! This (2008) was our first year with Mike ‘The Grantmaster’ has gotten us $53,010 from the Assistance to Firefighters Grants program and a NYSDEC grant. We can usually only afford to buy 2 or 3 sets of gear a year, but with this years award, we were able to outfit 36 members. In my 35 years in the fire department, we have never been able to spend anywhere close to $53,000 on gear at one time. It was a definite moral boost to have our firefighters taking part in the grant process and ultimately the purchase of new gear.

Battalion Chief Eric Troy, Zion Fire & Rescue Department

It was by a stroke of luck that I ran into Grantmasters, Inc by simply sharing a shuttle with them to the IAFC Fire-Rescue International show in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011. During that 30-minute ride, I discovered that Grantmasters, Inc was our answer. Although our department had some success with grant awards, we had been in a dry spell for a while. I convinced the department to hire Grantmasters for a 2011 SAFER submission. We were awarded our first SAFER grant in the 8th round of the 2011 SAFER grant distribution! Grantmasters has an excellent staff that works with you to give you the best opportunity to harness an award. Their fees are reasonable and they are not afraid to tell you if they think any aspect of your project could jeopardize your chances. The resources at their disposal are amazing. We were so pleased with the result, we immediately hired them to assist with our 2012 AFG application. I look forward to working with Grantmasters on future projects and highly recommend their services!


Assistant Chief Joel Maerten, Wendelville Fire Co.

Mike is the reason my fire company received an AFG award for the replacement of all interior firefighter’s gear. Mike helped us indentify and prioritize our needs, pulled together necessary information, and wrote a well articulated application. Full service, from beginning through the end. Don’t go it alone, go with Grantmasters.

Commissioner Earl Gifford, Township of Ocean, NJ Fire District 2

Our Fire District has used Mike Penzotti of Grant Masters to submit three AFG grant applications. All 3 of our Grants were accepted with 2 of them receiving funding in the years 2010 and 2012, for at total of $170,000. The experience Mike has with these grants was a great benefit in constructing our grant application, and I am sure made a difference with the success we have seen. This was certainly a good return on our investment, and we will continue to seek funding through grants to help defer costs in these challenging times. We most certainly will continue to use Mike Penzotti and Grant Masters. Keep up the great work!